The Trio In The Beginning Joe,Cory,Ryan

The Trio First Met On September 16th Or So In 2009 We Were still young and In theory none of us ever thought the Trio would be created. I was the one who joined Joe and Ryan together or at least i was the reason they met. About 2 or so years before unknowingly Joe and Ryan had already met but Ryan probably would not recall. In The beginning Joe and Ryan were nothing but acquaintances but over time the friendship between us 3 grew and the Trio came out of nowhere. I don't even know how the name Trio came about, Probably Mentioned by a parent and it stuck. If you were talking to Joe he would remember more. So Continuing, the bond grew and youtube had become a place we had all been to. Ryan found out about it around youtube's creation and not too much afterward Joe found out. I personally was the most drawn to youtube. I started an account on December 4th 2008 and September 2009 was when I Got My Green screen and other programs. Between The Beginning December 2008 and September 2009 we had a classic video period. A period when we made lose Filming Videos and more Memories in videos. The most Memorable video was Trip to the woods an unpublished youtube video stating the first time i had ever been in Joe's back yard. We had filmed over 50 videos but only a mere 20 or so made it online. Now to Ryan, He was a nice energetic kid and still is, He stared in many videos with Joe and a few series like the Inside a Haunted House Series Developed in May 2011 and the Time Traveling adventures of Joe, Cory, and Ryan Developed in 2010. We Have been Classmates, Friend, And Actors together and Hopefully Will Continue To Be Together as friends for the rest of our years alive.

Picture(Above) Is of Me,Joe,Ryan,And Steven Posing for a twist scene on Time travelers. 

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